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Student Council

Student Council

Two Members from each year are voted and elected onto the Student Council, with three members from the Leaving Cert Year Group. The link teacher in Rice College is Martin Gill

Meetings: The Group meets twice a month to discuss items that will enhance the student experience in Rice College.

Elections: The Elections for new members are held in September/October each year.

Functions of the Student Council:

Listening to Students

A Student Council can listen to the views, opinions and ideas of all students in the school.

Representing Students’ Views

A Student Council can represent students' views and it can be a forum for students’ concerts to be addressed. It can also air students’ difficulties, on behalf of individuals or groups, which might not otherwise come to light. It can bring the views and concerns of students forward to management and teachers in a diplomatic way.

A Consultative Body

A Student Council could have a consultative role. Students can be consulted prior to implementation of new school policies e.g. uniform, bullying, games, sports and activities. This would be useful in terms of collaboration and all-inclusive orientation.

Contribution to Developing Policies

A Student Council can contribute to the development of school policies, including the development of school rules. It can have a say in the running of the school.

Providers of Information

A Student Council could provide management with information. It could alert management to student concerns of which they might not be aware and also provide management with ideas and solutions to problems that students have e.g. peer pressure, bullying etc.

A Resource

A Student Council can be a resource similar to the Parents Association and can work in tandem with the management.

A Communication Channel

A Student Council can be a vital channel of communication in the school. It can provide management with information about the opinions of the student body and can also give feedback to the student body from management. It can provide a link between the students and the management, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Peer Support

A Student Council can act as a peer support group. It can provide support on a confidential basis for students with problems, e.g. personal, social or teacher/students relationships.

An Educational Opportunity

A Student Council can be a learning tool. Students can learn to think critically through involvement with the student council.

Improving School Atmosphere

A Student Council can create a positive school atmosphere by providing students with a sense of ownership of their school. It can make school more pleasant and fun.

Establishing Links with the Wider Community

A Student Council can establish links with the wider community.


A Student Council can have a role in dealing with bullying within the school.

School Social Issues

A Student Council can ensure that there is equality of treatment between boys of senior and junior cycle students.

Improving Student/Teacher Relationships

A Student Council can improve Student/Teacher relationships.

Improving School Conditions for Students

A Student Council can improve the day-to-day conditions for students, e.g. school uniform, food, drinks, toilets, breaks, etc.

Improving School Facilities

A Student Council can have a role in improving school facilities, e.g. lockers, picnic benches or seating areas for break-times, sports facilities, better school equipment, school décor (e.g. brighter walls, the heating system, making the school accessible for students with disabilities).

Improving the Learning Environment

A Student Council can help to improve the learning environment by achieving a good school environment suitable for all staff and pupils to work to their maximum ability.

Raising Students’ Awareness of ‘Bigger’ Issues

A Student Council can raise students’ awareness of social issues, such as poverty, the environment, health and peer pressure with examples such as ‘Mental Health Week’.

A Partnership

A Student Council can be a partner with management, staff and parents in running the school.

Student Council Minutes

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